Dvd-9 to Dvd+r Dl, Double Layer To Double Layer, 1-1 copies

Dvd-9 -> Dvd+r Dl, Double Layer To Double Layer!, 1:1 copies

Remove all discs from drives.

Open DVD Decrypter.

From the 'Mode' menu, select 'ISO' -> 'Read'.

Put DVD-9 disc (Thats the film if you didn't guess) in drive.

Take note of the 'Destination' file name.

Click the big 'Decrypt' button.

Wait for it to read and write the image to your hard drive.

Take the DVD-9 disc (yep.. take the original film out) out of the drive.

From the 'Mode' menu, select 'ISO' -> 'Write'.

Put a blank double layer disc in your DVD Writer.

Click the little folder icon - 'Browse for source file' - and select the MDS file created for you as part of the steps above.

Click the big 'Write' button.


Estimated time to read and burn 45 minutes. All copy protection is removed from the backup, and as you are writing to a dual layered disc there is no quality loss!!!

This process can be used to backup DVD5 disc's 1:1 and PS2 disc's.

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